Various Composers
Saturday, March 3, 2012 1:30PM

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Paquita (Company Premiere)
Choreography: After Marius Petipa Composers: Ludwig Minkus (original music by Edouard Deldevez) World Premiere: Imperial Ballet of St. Petersburg, Russia in 1847 Originally choreographed by Joseph Mazilier and presented at the Salle LePeletier by the Paris Opera Ballet on April 1, 1846. Petipa and Pierre-Frederic Malevergne staged the 1847 version and Petipa produced a revival in 1881 for which he added new pieces composed by Ludwig Minkus. This included the Grand Pas classique and the Mazurka des enfants from Act II. SHORT BYTE: Marius Petipa's 1881 additions for Paquita survived long after the full-length ballet left the stage. Today these pieces, particularly the Grand pas classique, are major cornerstones of the traditional classical ballet repertory, and have been staged by ballet companies throughout the world.
Interplay (Company Premiere) Choreography: Jerome Robbins Composer: Morton Gould Music: American Concertette World Premiere: First presented by Billy Rose, in Concert Varieties, at the Ziegfeld Theatre, New York, June 1, 1945. Original Cast: John Kriza, Janet Reed, and Jerome Robbins SHORT BYTE: Interplay is a ballet in four movements made for eight dancers; four boys and four girls. It has no subject matter and no locale. It is Robbins first ballet and a distinctly American work. With a simple setting of a plain colored backdrop and informal costumes, the music is loud and brassy at the beginning; the score raucous and playful. It is justly considered an American Masterpiece. Graduation Ball (Company Revival) Choreography: David Lichine Composer: Johann Strauss Arranger: Antal Dorati Music: Various pieces from Strauss World Premiere: Presented by the Original Ballet Russe at the Theatre Royal, Sydney, Australia, February 28, 1940. Original Cast: Tatiana Riabouchinska and David Lichine in the leading roles. SHORT BYTE: David Lichine’s ‘high-life’ one-act ballet in Ballet Russe style is the story of a party. Young girls at a fashionable school in Vienna host a party for the graduates of a nearby military academy. The girls and boys meet, entertain themselves with a series of dances and discover romance…as do the school’s Headmistress and the pompous old general of the academy.